OASIS Youth Ministry

We are a group of young believers committed to the fact that a generation who has found God can change everything. We believe that those things that are lost can be found, we pick up those who are fallen, and we know that we have been chosen to build into our friends, our city, and our world.

Join us at one of our services!

Sunday nights at 6:00 pm we have worship, games, teaching, fellowship and food.

Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm we serve the community, practice human videos, or engage in a topical bible study.

We also have various outings and activities on a regular basis! 

(Lock ins, winter retreat, summer camp, opportunities to serve others in the community and the church family.)

ASSEMBLED together we OFFER our worship to an Almighty God!

Where it becomes a lifestyle to SERVE all of His people.

We SHARE our walk with God and with one another

while INVESTING in non-believing students.